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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let's Get Ready to Party

Photo: Maria Dahn Facebook

For the ultimate fashionista, there is nothing more exciting than the classic cocktail party, VIP event, or store opening. Each of these fabulous occasions requires a party dress to impress, and fortunately, Buenos Aires has a plentiful variety of stores and showrooms offering everything from the traditional LBD to gold studded minis.  If you're on the hunt for your perfect party dress, you're in the right city.

Through their use of sheer lace, sparkling paillettes, and a fitted cut that emphasizes your best features, the dresses at Sisters Solnicki are showstoppers. Located in the ultra chic Galeria Promenade, the line designed by Marina and Jessie Solnicki is unforgettable. Expect to look sexy yet classy in these short, thigh-baring garments. I can't get over the sea blue dress studded entirely with glittering beads, reminiscent of a 1920s sensibility. It shines like the sun and is guaranteed to draw attention.  I certainly couldn't live without my black lace, deep V-neck cocktail dress by the Sisters. Lined with a gold slip that adds a hint of color, there is nothing in the room that will compare. The party dresses by Sisters Solnicki are nothing if not incomparable.
From her exclusive boutique also inside the legendary Alvear Palace Hotel Promenade, designer Agustina of María Dahn has created one of the most popular lines among young people in BA.  Through the use of solely imported fabrics purchased each season in New York, she has utilized her Parsons education to create a line that's fun and fresh. Each of her dresses is accented with a ruffle here or a sequin there to give your dress a unique feature. One of my favorite elements of her collection is her use of color. Forget about a plain black dress, Agustina will always add a touch of excitement, whether it's gold, sea green, or hot pink. Even her LBD is dotted with colorful beading. At María Dahn, be prepared for low cut backs that give her pieces a feeling of sensuality and refinement. While you're there, don't miss her daywear collection filled with handmade sweaters, sundresses, and even some cute leather jackets.

The epitome of elegance, Evangelina Bomparola uses smooth silk in all her delicate creations. This season is marked by a menswear theme, with black and white being the dominant colors in the collection. My favorite piece is her tuxedo jacket cut beautifully for a woman's body. It can be paired with black trousers and bold jewelry for an alternative option at your next event. Unexpected yet mysteriously intriguing. On the more traditional side, Bomparola also offers exquisite full-length gowns in pure silk and chiffon for your most formal celebration, and of course, your classic LBD.

Perhaps the most well-known party dress store in Buenos Aires, Salsipuedes ("Leave if you can"), has three locations in some of the most exclusive neighborhoods. The look at this store is bright colors, lots of ruffles, and hippie chic. They offer a wide selection of dresses from long gowns to short cocktail, all with the signature Salsipuedes funky, youthful spirit. Each boutique also sells select jewelry pieces and some cute bags to pair with your new dress. Consider it your one stop shop for your next event.

From graceful to edgy, you can find the dress of your dreams in Buenos Aires. It might be time to start planning your birthday party, if only as an excuse to stop by one of these stores. Leave if you can.

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Sisters Solnicki: Galeria Promenade Alvear: Av. Alvear 1883 Local 17
María Dahn: Galeria Promenade Alvear Av. Alvear 1883 Local 28
Evangelina Bomparola: Av. Alvear 1923
Salsipuedes: Honduras 4814

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

BA's Queens of Comfy Cool

Photo: Victoria Sedran

Although enchanting and endlessly fascinating, Buenos Aires can also be an intense and fast-paced city. As much as we love to dress up in luxurious fabrics like satin and silk, sometimes all we need to get through a busy BA day is comfort. Lucky for us, in this city, comfortable doesn't equal boring. Some of the most innovative and unique design is made out of nothing more exotic than cotton and lycra. These designers have taught me that casual can still be cool.

Tucked away on one of Palermo Soho's hottest streets, Nehgro thoroughly embraces the concept of creating funky clothes with personality using basic fabrics. Many of their pieces, including a fabulous pair of shorts I tried on, include a stretch waistband, so that no matter how much you eat, you're stylishly covered. The summer collection incorporates some of the most prominent trends, most notably the military theme.  A white buttoned tank top features prints of fighter planes and warriors, and a few tees feature an emblem declaring, "Lovers Make War." These playful aspects help enhance a diverse collection that features a variety of muted colors like gray, dark blue, beige, and of course, black.  Stripes are another signature accent in Nehgro's summer collection, and can be found on everything from stretchy pants to light tees and tanks. Shopping at Neghro is the perfect opportunity to show off your fun personality while remaining thoroughly relaxed.

For a feminine sensibility, Denari Rodriguez offers cotton dresses with lace trim, tops with cap sleeves, and touches like buttons and ruffles. Expect lively colors such as orange and violet, with many cream pieces to tone down the bold prints.  In their new collection, the ladies of Denari Rodriguez have thoroughly embraced spring fever, emphasizing florals and pinks. This irresistible charm makes DR a great option for the girl who's ready for beach trips to Brazil and warm summer nights. Many pieces in the collection can also be layered for a more complete look, which makes them versatile and wearable.  All the fabrics are light, airy, and durable, and made of some of the best quality cotton available.

The original pioneer of comfort as high design, Dorina Vidoni now operates a nationwide brand that embraces the female figure like no other. Regardless of your size or shape, Dorina offers a variety of eclectic pieces in almost every color you can imagine. Forget about prints at this store, but focus on the bold block colors that hug your body in just the right places. Whether you like fitted clothes or a loose look, you will find everything from dresses to pants at one of her boutiques. Famous for her belief in cross-cultural communication, a distinctly exotic flair can be seen in every piece in her collection. Another strength of Dorina Vidoni is her ability to design clothes for all ages. A dress from DV will look stunning on a woman of 60 or 20, and most importantly, it will keep you feeling comfy all day long.

Deceptively simple, Victoria Sedran utilizes soft cotton and lycra to create pieces you can live in. I often take a siesta in her relaxed tees, and head out for dinner in her sexy leggings. Once you put on Victoria's clothes, you simply cannot take them off. Picture off the shoulder tops with her classic logo and tanks stitched with smooth cut pockets. Her spring/summer collection is highlighted with a bold printed skirt that accentuates your body. This piece can be combined with one of her signature loose fit tops for a balanced, hip look. My favorite piece? Her black leggings with cutouts at the knees. I haven't put these on without hearing the classic, "Where did you get those?" And since I put them on almost every day, that's really saying something. It's little details like this that make Victoria's concept absolutely genius. A pocket here, a stitch there, and a cotton-lycra skirt is suddenly transformed into a sexy piece for your whole day. If your life demands you stay comfortable, stay comfy in style with clothes by Victoria Sedran.

Until I moved to Buenos Aires, I always believed that activewear would never allow a woman to truly show off her unique personality. This city has proved me wrong. Ever since I laid eyes on all of these collections, it's hard to get me to wear anything else. Just try to take these clothes off-I dare you.

Your BAShopGirl

Nehgro: El Salvador 4619 PB D
Denari Rodriguez: Peña 2757 PB A
Dorina Vidoni:
Victoria Sedran: [email protected]

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Best of BA Bags

Photo: Anne Bonny Facebook

Sometimes it seems as though there are an unlimited amount of stylish items for sale in Buenos Aires. Strappy sandals, shiny rings, leather jackets, and elegant dresses are just a few of my favorites. However, there is one accessory that inspires my inner fashion diva, one that I simply cannot live without. A classic purse. Luckily, BA is one of the best cities in the world for bag shopping. The combination of rich Argentine leather and creative design makes this city the capital of the handbag.

Although it’s almost impossible to choose amongst the array of fabulous designers, when it comes to a bag that’s trendy but durable, I adore Anne Bonny. Imagine accessories like goat hair, tassels, ropes, and quilted leather, available in a variety of colors including red and blue. Anne Bonny is the ultimate in high fashion and impeccable quality. The new spring/summer collection is particularly eye-catching, with designs inspired by the movies of illustrious Spanish film director Pedro Almodóvar. Look for touches of tiger print in these limited edition purses, and get there fast if you’re lusting for a bag. There are only ten available of each piece in the new collection.

Just a quick walk up Malabia from Anne Bonny and you can find the showroom of Maria Mor. I fell in love with this line when I first laid eyes on a smooth brown leather tote. Needless to say, I was hooked. However, it’s not just her tote that is unforgettable. Designer Natalia has created a diverse collection of colorful bags in all sizes and finishes. In her showroom, you’ll see traditionally shiny leather, as well as a delicate matte that’s a perfect match for jeans and a tee. Furthermore, her line certainly does not lack color.  One of her standouts is a hot pink petite bag with a chain strap a la Chanel. Love at first sight.

If you like color as much as I do, head to the Belgrano showroom of designer Maria Caldas. Each bag is lined on the inside with a variety of prints, from floral to tiger. Thus, even if you’re sporting a traditional black bag, it unzips to reveal a bright interior. The hallmark of Maria’s line is her young, hip design aesthetic, evidenced by her extensive use of tassels, zippers, bows, and buckles. Additionally, expect to find bags in every color from yellow to bright red. The service at Maria Caldas is also impeccable, and I couldn’t resist the charm of her heart shaped coin purse as a free gift with your new purchase. With her fun and versatile style, it’s hard to leave Maria Caldas empty handed.

New on the fashion scene, yet already incredibly successful, the designers behind Faustina bags and more have brought their New York style sense to Buenos Aires. The details at Faustina include gold studs and clutches featuring ruffled leather accents in colors like light pink and whimsical green. According to the two designers behind this line, their purses are directed towards the modern woman, who is independent, elegant, spontaneous, creative, and above all, chic. If this sounds like you, stop by their Recoleta showroom and find the perfect purse for your adventurous lifestyle.
The availability of beautiful bags in Buenos Aires is almost overwhelming, and it’s nearly impossible to choose just one. Nevertheless, you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you want at any of these amazing showrooms. Next time you walk out the door to take on your busy day, don’t leave home without a classic BA bag.

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Anne Bonny: El Salvador 4719
[email protected]
Maria Mor: Malabia 587 6F
[email protected]
Maria Caldas: [email protected]
Faustina bags and more: